Planning to organize an event filled with the sound of powerful music masterpieces then go for the best with Tom Lawrence.

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Being in the industry for more than thirty years, Tom Lawrence is undoubtedly the most versatile musician and performer. Be it jazz, rock, country, blues, fingerstyle or any kind of live music....

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Add sound to fill your wedding event with excitement by organizing live music performances by Tom Lawrence & other experienced musicians having years of performing ...

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Listen to Tom Lawrence in performances with some very respected musicians like Larry Boozer, Glenn Harris, Dick Glass and with his wife Val Lawrence, an expert violin player...

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Want to increase your appreciation of music or give yourself a new challenge? Try out something different by learning guitar & the basics of playing it the right way with Tom Lawrence...




Tom Lawrence is a guitarist who has made a living playing and teaching music for over 30 years.

Tom began playing guitar at 11 years old. By age 15, he was earning money playing in his band and they were invited to record on an album of Baltimore's best bands. After completing high school Tom attended Peabody Conservatory, after one year the jazz bug bit Tom and he started to study with Walt Namuth (guitarist with the Buddy Rich Band) and Larry Wooldridge (Baltimore icon jazz guitarist). While studying jazz he played six nights a week in show bands traveling up and down the east coast developing his style. Larry inspired Tom to move to Los Angeles where he enrolled in Dick Grove Music School for 1 year. Over the next 7 years Tom continued his career as a session guitarist for Motown and Rhino Records. His guitar work made it on MTV with "The Honeys" and in movie soundtracks, radio jingles and TV commercials. Tom kept in touch with his love for jazz and played many gigs with top jazz players in L.A. and studied with jazz guitar greats Ted Green, Joe Diorio, Ron Eschete, and Billy Rogers. In 1988 Tom moved back to Maryland where he has established himself as one of the top working guitarist in the Baltimore/Washington area. Since then I have taught 30 or more students a week how to play guitar or bass and still look forward to new students.


our client"Hi Tom,

Your band was great!!!

Your band was a very important part of why so many of the guest said, "This is the best Wedding I've ever been to...." And the patience you and the other members had with my buddies and me at the end was wonderful, too!

Thanks again,

Bill & Esther Sheppard

Another one for customer testimonials

our client"Tom  --

Susan and I have been wanting to let you all know how much we enjoyed
your music on November 3 at the Brookeville Inn, but we've been so busy
we haven't done it until now. Your performance was the crown jewel in our 
weekend and probably in our whole year as well.  Many thanks!  We hope 
to see and hear you again at local venues from time to time.

Tom Eagles and Susan O'Keefe



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